'Dragon Ball' Announces New Movie For 2018

It's official! After a slew of rumors hit the Internet about Dragon Ball's future, Jump Festa confirmed they were true. The event just revealed that a brand-new Dragon Ball film will be released in 2018 to honor the franchise's latest anniversary.

Just moment ago, official placards from Toei Animation confirmed Dragon Ball will be getting a new film. So far, there is little known about its story, but fans do know a bit. As you can see below, one of the placards confirms the 2018 feature will be focused on the Saiyans and have lots of characters. You can read its official translation below:

"The story is already finished
Historical number of characters
The keyword is Saiyan"

If the description is right, then fans will get to learn a lot more about the Saiyan race soon enough. The 2018 feature will be geared around the warrior race, so fans will see characters beyond just Goku and Vegeta. There's a chance the Saiyans of Universe 6 could be tied into the film. And, of course, Broly is not out of the question. After all, the character is one fans love to hate.

For those of you unfamiliar with Dragon Ball's theatrical history, this is the first film in the franchise to debut after Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of 'F'. The last film debuted a couple years back after Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods debuted. This upcoming feature will be the first to go public after the release of Dragon Ball Super, so fans have high expectations for the release.


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