Dragon Ball Cliffhanger Challenges Vegeta With Handicap Match

Super Dragon Ball Heroes' latest episode is continuing the story of the "Space-Time War Arc" that sees Goku and Vegeta placed into a new universe created by the Dark Demon Dimension scientist known as Fuu, and it seems as if the Prince of the Saiyans has one of the biggest battles of his career on his hands. The spin-off anime series has taken the opportunity to introduce some big new concepts to the lore of Dragon Ball, and it seems as if some of those new concepts are causing some difficult challenges for the Saiyan Prince to say the least.

In the current installments, we have witnessed Goku teaming up with an unlikely partner in Hearts, the former villain of Super Dragon Ball Heroes who was attempting to eliminate the gods in order to free the mortals that he feels are under their thumb. Clashing against the terrifying sibling tag team of Freeza and Cooler, their four-way battle was interrupted by the return of the original Broly, who has returned to the series sporting a massive transformation in Limit Breaker Super Saiyan 4. With this new universe housing plenty of surprises, it will be interesting to see how the partnership between Goku and Hearts plays out.

Dragon Ball Vegeta
(Photo: Toei Animation)

Vegeta himself is shown briefly at the end of the episode, staring down the tag team of Turles and Cumber, aka the Evil Saiyan, while a new mysterious character, the Masked Saiyan watches on. Though many are guessing that the masked combatant is in fact a resurrected Goku Black, there are plenty of surprises that Super Dragon Ball Heroes is clearly setting up for the future of this arc. Considering how powerful both the Evil Saiyan and Turles have proved themselves to be in the spin-off series, this will definitely be an uphill battle for the Saiyan Prince.

The "Space-Time War Arc" is promising to bring back more than a few characters from the past of the Dragon Ball franchise, with the likes of Cell and Gohan being featured in some of the marketing material for the new storyline. Super Dragon Ball Heroes definitely isn't perfect, but it gives fans of the Shonen franchise some new anime adventures to consume as they await the return of the main series.

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