Dragon Ball Cosplay Unleashes Super Saiyan Goku With A Fem Spin

While the transformation of Super Saiyan might have taken a back seat as a result of Goku, Vegeta, and the other Z Fighters entering the world of gods, that hasn't stopped fans from revisiting the iconic transformation, with one Cosplayer specifically adding a "fem twist" to Goku's tried and true power level. With the likes of Super Saiyan Blue and Ultra Instinct, Dragon Ball Super has shown that the Z Fighters are continuing to expand their power as they face down new threats in the pages of the manga with the likes of the sorcerer Moro or the bounty hunter Granolah.

Dragon Ball Super set itself apart from Dragon Ball Z by exploring a number of alternate universes, with Universe Six giving us two new Super Saiyans in the forms of the female warriors known as Caulifla and Kale. The latter of this pair of fighters was in fact the Legendary Super Saiyan of her dimension, unleashing her power during the Tournament of Power arc that brought more than a few comparisons between Kale and Broly. The pair became exponentially stronger when they fused alongside one another to create Kefla but were eliminated thanks to the power Goku achieved by learning the technique known as Ultra Instinct.

Instagram Cosplayer Talulah Waifu shared this new take on Son Goku, that sees Dragon Ball's resident Super Saiyan portrayed in a brand new light, joining the likes of Caulifla and Kale as two new female fighters that have helped open up the world created by Akira Toriyama:

The Dragon Ball community has been beside itself following the big Goku Day announcement that a new Dragon Ball Super movie was in the works. Though there has been little to no details about what the story of this new film will entail, the creator of the franchise himself, Akira Toriyama, will have a heavy hand in the upcoming production and has left some hints as to what fans can expect when the movie lands in 2022.

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