Dragon Ball Promo Teases the Arrival of Super Saiyan Rose 2

The latest episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes mostly focused on Vegeta battling against the likes of Cumber, the Evil Saiyan, and a newly empowered Turles, while also receiving a brand new powerup as a result of tapping into his "evil nature", but it seems as if the Prince of the Saiyans isn't the only one with a transformation unveiled. In a promo for the arcade game for Dragon Ball Heroes, we bear witness to an interesting transformation in Goku Black apparently achieving the level of Super Saiyan 2 Rose, adding yet another big transformation to the franchise's lore.

In the latest episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, both Goku and Hearts arrive just in time to lend Vegeta a much-needed assist, with Goku Black revealing himself to be beneath the mask of the Masked Saiyan. When the Saiyan Prince can tap into the "evil power" that lies inherent in the Saiyan race, he can handily defeat both Cumber and Turles but realizes that the fight is far from over. Black has defeated both Goku and Hearts, just as Vegeta wraps up the brawl that sees him coming to a brief understanding with both Turles and Cumber, as the trio share a quiet moment reflecting on the race that is the Saiyans.

Twitter User DBS Chronicles shared this new promo video for Dragon Ball Heroes' arcade game, which apparently gives fans a first look at Super Saiyan 2 Rose, the transformation that Goku Black can achieve by blending the power of the main hero with that of the godly energy in the antagonist known as Zamasu:

Super Dragon Ball Heroes has yet to unmask the other Masked Saiyan who has been appearing throughout the new Space-Time War Arc, but most fans believe that this combatant will be revealed to be Bardock, the father of Goku who died in attempting to save Planet Vegeta from Freeza's world-ending attack. Needless to say, it would definitely be interesting to see if Bardock were given any big new power-ups as a result of his inclusion in the spin-off series.

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