Dragon Ball Cosplay Goes Beyond With Super Saiyan 3 Goku Black

Dragon Ball Heroes has introduced wild transformations never seen in Dragon Ball Super, and cosplayers have taken notice.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes has introduced original characters and transformations that otherwise would have never been featured in the main Dragon Ball Super series. Such is the case with Goku Black's big return in the spin-off series, which saw Zamasu's alter-ego unveiling a transformation that is none as Super Saiyan 3 Rose. Ultimately, this iteration of Goku Black might have had much more power than his original debut in the Goku Black Arc, but he still faced defeat from the Z-Fighters in Heroes.

One of the ways that Super Dragon Ball Heroes is able to skirt the issues of characters dying is by accessing the multiverse, as numerous variants of both heroes and villains alike have been brought into the Z-Fighters' lives. With this Goku Black, we are introduced to the dark iteration of the character that was attempting to gain power by specifically eliminating different versions of Son Goku across countless realities. In the main series, Goku Black and Zamasu remain in the grave, not being revived in either Dragon Ball Super's anime or manga to date. Since we've seen some major characters brought back from the dead thanks to the Dragon Balls, the antagonists' comeback might take place in the shonen's future.

Goku Black Goes Beyond

Aside from Goku Black's comeback in Super Dragon Ball Heroes, the spin-off has also brought back the likes of Bardock, Kid Buu, the OG Broly, Cell, and countless other heroes and villains from the shonen's past. Presently, the anime adaptation is preparing to bring the Ultra God Mission to a close but has already confirmed the arc that will follow in the Meteor Mission. Though this version of Goku Black might be dead in the side story, his return might only be a matter of time regardless based on Heroes' track record.


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Unfortunately, Toei Animation has yet to confirm when fans can expect Dragon Ball Super's main anime series to make a comeback. While anime fans have been given two feature-length films via Dragon Ball Super: Broly and Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the television series remains in limbo. Luckily, when/if the anime adaptation does return, there are some big moments to adapt from both the Moro and Granolah arcs. 

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