Dragon Ball Revives Super Saiyan 3 Goku Black in New Figure

Super Dragon Ball Heroes has entered a new phase of its story, with the Ultra God Mission introducing a rogue Kaioshin of Space and Time causing troubles for both the main Z-Fighters and the Time Patrol. While the biggest rogue Kaioshin, Zamasu, has yet to return to Dragon Ball Super and/or its spin-off, a new figure is seeking to resurrect the most powerful version of Goku Black as revealed by the shonen franchise's official website.

The Goku Black Arc didn't just introduce this evil version of Goku, who had been created when the rogue Kaioshin known as Zamasu decided to overtake the Saiyan's body for himself, it also brought back Future Trunks to be a part of the Z-Fighters' world, with the alternate son of Vegeta being absent from the franchise since the conclusion of the Cell Saga. In Super Dragon Ball Heroes, Goku Black returned from the grave and was able to achieve a new level of power by scores of Gokus from different realities. With Super Saiyan 3 Rose at his disposal, both Goku and Vegeta were forced to fuse once again, as Gogeta was clearly the best option in taking down this unique antagonist.

Super Saiyan 3 Rose To The Rescue

The Official Dragon Ball Website shared a first look at Goku Black's Super Saiyan 3 Rose figure, with the villain not returning to the main franchise following his death in Dragon Ball Super, though with the Dragon Balls bringing back countless characters in the Shonen franchise's past, there's always a chance for any character to come back from the grave:

(Photo: DragonBall.com)

Currently, Goku Black hasn't returned in the latest Dragon Ball Heroes Arc, Ultra God Mission, but we've seen some wild versions of fighters as both allies and enemies alike. With the Warriors In Black revealed to include an alternate version of Future Gohan, along with a Bardock that could also use Super Saiyan 3, this latest arc is introducing plenty of surprises to the spin-off series. 

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Via DragonBall.Com