Dragon Ball Cosplay Shakes Up Chi-Chi's Fighting Look

Chi-Chi might not be able to turn into a Super Saiyan or hurl a Kamehameha at her opponents, but the partner of Goku has managed to strike fear in her family's heart from time-to-time. Though she hasn't fought alongside the Z Fighters since the early days of Dragon Ball, one cosplaying fans has given Chi-Chi a brand new aesthetic that gets her ready to rumble and portrays her as a student of the Turtle Hermit Master Roshi.

Chi-Chi has been a part of the latest series, Dragon Ball Super, though once again, hasn't stepped back into the ring in any capacity. With Akira Toriyama's franchise introducing plenty of Super Saiyans, Ultra Instinct users, and alien brawlers filling the pages of the Shonen series' manga and its anime episodes, it would take quite some training for Chi-Chi to hit the same levels of power as her partner and her son. Without any Saiyan blood flowing through her veins as well, she would definitely be at a disadvantage if she was looking to be a full member of the Z Fighters.

Dragon Ball Cosplayer Sami Ryanne shared this new aesthetic for the partner of Goku, wearing a Gi that is somewhat similar to those who trained beneath the Turtle Hermit, as she continues to support the Z Fighters from outside of the battlefield and remains a part of Dragon Ball Super:

ChiChi cosplay from Dragon Ball by Sami Ryanne, photographed by Javier Perez Photography from dbz

Next year, the Shonen franchise's anime isn't confirmed to return, but a new feature-length film is slated to arrive in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. With the movie set to focus on characters outside of Goku and Vegeta this time around, including the likes of Piccolo, Pan, Bulma, Krillin, and more. While Chi-Chi hasn't been confirmed to play a pivotal role in this film, this is certainly a good place for the partner of Goku and grandmother of Pan to get more of the spotlight. 

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