Dragon Ball Exclusive Figure Shorts Out Bandai Website

San Diego Comic Con might be going virtual this year, but that isn't stopping the annual conention from releasing new exclusives to fans all over the world, but it seems that an exclusive action figure from the Akira Toriyama franchise of Dragon Ball Super has caused the website to "experience an outage" due to high demand. The figure in question, which recreates Son Goku during the Tournament of Power arc after discovering the first level of Ultra Instinct, was just one of many figures that were offered, including Androids 17 and 18, Broly, and Godzilla to name a few.

During the Tournament of Power, when Goku had the Spirit Bomb hurled directly back at him thanks to the insane power of the Universe 11 fighter of Jiren, it was do or die time for our Saiyan protagonist. Managing to survive the blast, Goku was able to access the god-like power of Ultra Instinct, which is a transformation he is still trying to understand to this day. In the recent arc of the manga, Goku has managed to master the first step of Ultra Instinct, giving it the name of Ultra Instinct Sign, which is the technique that the hot ticket item is recreating!

The figures themselves, which caused the outage, can be found below, giving fans the opportunity to relive some of the greatest moments from the Dragon Ball franchise, as well as from the Togo Studio's Giant King of the Monsters himself in Godzilla:

Though we aren't sure if there will be any big hints about the Dragon Ball series in the upcoming San Diego Comic Con At Home, we do expect there to be plenty of panels that dive into the world of pop culture and perhaps give us some new information about a bevy of pop culture properties. With the coronavirus pandemic affecting a number of conventions, we're crossing our fingers that the event will make its full return in 2021.


Which of these action figures do you want to get your hands on? Do you think Goku will fully master Ultra Instinct in Dragon Ball Super? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Dragon Ball.