Dragon Ball Fan-Short Imagines Kid Buu vs Janemba

The tail end of Dragon Ball Z's anime saw the arrival of two of the series most terrifying villains in Kid Buu and Janemba, and one fan has decided to make a fan animation that shows just what a battle between these two evil forces of nature might look like. Though Janemba is considered to exist outside of the main continuity of the Dragon Ball franchise, this doesn't stop him from being fondly remembered by fans of the franchise since making his first appearance in the twelfth film of the series in Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn.

Both Buu and Janemba may have been destroyed thanks to the combined forces of Goku and Vegeta, as the red demon was blown away by Gogeta in the movie and Buu was turned to dust thanks to a Spirit Bomb created by Son, they continue to live on. Kid Buu, of course, was reincarnated as the young warrior of Uub, who appears during the final episodes of Z, eventually becoming a student to Goku in a time period that takes place after the series that is Dragon Ball Super. Meanwhile, Janemba is making a big return in the spin-off series of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, being hinted at in the latest episode following a drag out fight with a mysterious scientist who sapped strength from the Super Saiyan 4 forms of both Goku and Vegeta.

Reddit Artist QuantumF0am shared this amazing quick animation that shows Kid Buu facing off against the teleporting demon that is Janemba, with Buu's elasticity proving to be a detriment in this battle between two of the final opponents of the Z Fighters in the Dragon Ball Z series:

Kid Buu vs Janemba Animation I Recently Made from r/dbz

It is tough to definitively decide who would be the victory if Buu were to face off against Janemba, with both of their power levels clearly being more than a match for Goku and Vegeta in their regular states. We would probably bet that Buu would take the win at the end of the day thanks in part to his ability to heal any wound almost instantaneously. Needless to say, it would definitely be an amazing fight that we might get in Super Dragon Ball Heroes!

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