Dragon Ball Z Releases Chrome Majin Buu Funko Pop

In the world of Funko Pops, Dragon Ball Z rules supreme as this anime franchise is one of the biggest sellers of the figurine line across the board and it is looking to add a brand new character to the roster with a "Chrome" version of the unorthodox villain of Majin Buu. Summoned by the pint sized sorcerer of Babidi, Buu arrived on the scene as a jovial, albeit still evil, creature that was looking to spread havoc across the world and turn innocent bystanders into candy for his enjoyment!

Majin Buu has played a big role throughout the recent sequel series of the anime franchise with Dragon Ball Super, first pitting his strength against the God of Destruction, paling around with Mr. Satan, and then helping Goku and the other Z Fighters in the preliminary fights of the Tournament of Power. In the manga, his role and background has been expanded upon as the ancient wizard Moro lays siege to the galaxy and a part of Buu himself is the key to learning more about this new franchise villain.

The new Funko Pop exclusive from FYE can be found here, touting a new version of Majin Buu that arrives in a crazy stylish pink chrome exterior that brings us the major magical villain of Dragon Ball Z in a brand new light for fans looking to expand their collection of the Akira Toriyama created franchise:

Buu Funko
(Photo: FYE)

Funko Pops were first introduced in 1998, creating their own variation of a number of different pop culture characters from the worlds of anime, movies, comic books, video games, and nearly every other medium that has a "geek affinity". As mentioned earlier, Dragon Ball Z has been one of the strongest franchises in assisting the company sell figurines with fans buying numerous characters from Akira Toriyama's franchise! As the Funko craze continues, we're sure to see either variations of classic characters emerge in the future!

Dragon Ball Super has yet confirm a new season, with the "Moro Arc" still pushing forward in the manga. Regardless, whenever it does return, expect a bigger role for Majin Buu if it follows closely to its manga origins.


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