Dragon Ball Crossover Sends Goku On an Adventure With Ash Ketchum

Dragon Ball has been around for decades, and Akira Toriyama has watched the series turn into a classic. The shonen was a gateway to anime for millions, and of course, that means Goku holds a special place in their hearts. The same can be said for other anime legends like Ash Ketchum of Pokemon. And now, a special piece of art is bringing the two icons together.

As you can see below, the art comes from Instagram user salvamakoto. The fan has become popular online for their old-school takes on Dragon Ball. And of course, their decision to blend the anime with Pokemon made netizens geek out.

After all, the art shows Ash in his early days on an adventure, but he's not joined by Pikachu this time around. Goku is the one by Ash's side, and the Saiyan is a kid here. Complete with a tail, Goku looks ready to explore the world with Ash, and we're certain the pair are eager to find a pocket monster for the Saiyan.

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And as for what Pokemon would suit Goku, well – we have a few ideas. Primate would suit the Saiyan, and it would give Goku a fun training partner while they're on the road. Others like Chimchar or even Incineroar would work well with Goku. In exchange for helping Goku catch one of these monsters, maybe Ash will unlock his own kind of Super Saiyan transformation.

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