‘Dragon Ball’ Creator Reveals Why Goten Went Super Saiyan So Easily

There are plenty of contested parts of Dragon Ball lore, but few are as controversial as Goten’s [...]

There are plenty of contested parts of Dragon Ball lore, but few are as controversial as Goten's Super Saiyan form. Some fans cannot understand why the boy was able to use the form despite having very little experience, but it seems Akira Toriyama has a method to his madness. The creator has finally revealed why Goten was naturally so strong, and it all comes down to DNA.

This week, Saikyo Jump will release a full interview it did with Toriyama about Dragon Ball. Several scans of the lengthy chat went live online, and fan-translators quickly noticed one tidbit about Goten and his Saiyan genealogy.

According to Toriyama, Saiyans are able to tap into their true potential in two ways. First, the fighters must train often, and they must be genetically blessed with something known as S-Cells. These organic markers will determine if a Saiyan can even go Super Saiyan, and the more you have the better.

So, it's no surprise to hear that Goten has a whole bunch of those cells.

In Toriyama's interview, small picture of Goten is seen with a caption underneath explaining the boy's Super Saiyan talents. "He was able to easily become Super Saiyan thanks to inheriting lots of S-Cells," the piece confirmed.

Of course, there are some fans wondering why Goten had it easier than Gohan going Super Saiyan - but that still comes down to S-Cells. Gohan was born before Dragon Ball Z began, but Goten was born shortly after the Cell Games wrapped. Goku has activated his own S-Cells and accumulated more of them by the time Goten was born. So, as fans saw, Gohan's younger brother was simply pre-disposed to the Super Saiyan form since birth.

Toriyama's revelation about Goten also gives fans insight into why characters like Pan and Bra will become ones to watch moving forward. Dragon Ball GT may have shirked the two characters during its time, but the girls should have as many (if not more) S-Cells than Goten. Bra was born after Vegeta unlocked the ability to go Super Saiyan God, and Pan is the daughter of Gohan. The latter has the genes of Goku as well as her father to empower her, so Pan isn't someone fans should sleep on.

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