Watch: Dragon Ball Heroes Debuts 10th Anniversary Special Episode

Super Dragon Ball Heroes is now celebrating its tenth anniversary in Japan, and has debuted a special anime episode to commemorate the occasion! Although the arcade game has been branching off with a promotional anime series adapting the current events of the Big Bang Mission arc, this special episode is a brief reprieve from that conflict to highlight just how far the game has come since it first debuted in Japan. This special episode also gives fans the best look at how the actual game plays out as two players take on a series of increasingly tougher fighters.

The tenth anniversary Super Dragon Ball Heroes episode (which you can check out in the video above thanks to DBHype. on YouTube) features the main player avatars (the original Saiyans, Beat and Note) taking on a tough collection of fighters that one could find in the game itself as it directly adapts what a single round of the game could look like. So there's bound to be a few inclusions here that might raise some eyebrows to those only familiar with the promotional anime.

The special episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes' promotional anime series is titled "Rush to the Battlefield! Dragon Ball Heroes!" and the official synopsis for it describes the episode as such, "Dragon Ball Heroes 10th Anniversary! This is a special edition that depicts the story of the hero avatars who have spent the last ten years with you! The hero avatars have finally received a 'Super Class Up' to [Ultra Instinct Sign]. Challenge fiercer battles and continue to grow stronger with them!"

For those looking forward to the next episode of the Big Bang Mission arc instead, Super Dragon Ball Heroes will be returning to this story with its next release. It left things on a juicy cliffhanger as Goku and Vegeta (who have since fused into Vegito) have been having trouble facing off against Fu and his increasing demonic powers. But the promotional anime series is set to return for the rest of its second season of episodes fairly soon!


What did you think of this 10th Anniversary special episode for Super Dragon Ball Heroes? Curious to see what kind of stories it tells in the game? What character combinations surprised you the most in this episode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!