Dragon Ball Heroes Reveals Fuu's Ultimate Fate

Fuu has easily been the biggest villain of the spin off series that is Super Dragon Ball Heroes, being a denizen of the Dark Demon Dimension that was shot away in order to seek revenge against the Z Fighters of both the main universe and the Xeno-verse, and the latest episode has laid out the true purpose of this nefarious scientist. With his current plan involving creating the Universe Tree in order to destroy creation as a whole and create a new one in order to make a far more demon friendly environment for both Fuu and his kin.

In the latest episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, the Time Patrol are facing off against Towa, a denizen of the Dark Demon Dimension who reveals that not only is Fuu her son, but that he was created with the energies of numerous warriors both good and evil across the Dragon Ball universe. On top of this, Fuu is set to be the new lord of the Dark Demon Dimension as Towa was able to save the energy of the original "dark lord" that was destroyed thanks in part to a team up from the Time Patrol. Fuu's strength always seemed to be his vast intelligence, but this episode proves that he had far more power than we ever thought as he fights toe to toe with Super Vegito.

Twitter User DBSChronicles shared the break down of Towa's big time reveal about her son in Fuu, pointing to the idea that the Z Fighters have some serious problems on their hands when it comes to the sinister scientist that has been accumulating his power with villains from Dragon Ball Z:

With Fuu's origins revealed, it will be interesting to see how this affects the story moving forward and if he will remain the main villain following his battle against Vegito. With other villains running around like Cumber the "Evil Saiyan", Cooler, Super 17, Bojack, Turles, and more, it's clear that the combined forces of the Z Fighters and the Time Patrol will have to use all the tricks at their disposal to end this massive threat.

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