Dragon Ball Stunts Freeza and Cooler's Golden Power Levels

Dragon Ball has stunted the power levels of Freeza and Cooler's Golden transformations with the newest episode of the Super Dragon Ball Heroes' promotional anime series! With the Dragon Ball Heroes arcade game taking place outside of the conventional series' canon, fans have seen all kinds of dream match ups, new characters, and new power ups introduced over the years. This has been especially true for the New Space-Time War arc of the franchise, and it seems these newest power ups have thrown the power levels we had previously seen into disarray. 

Because while Golden Freeza was definitely a heavy hitting form in the main series, the same could not be argued for the villain's appearances in the Super Dragon Ball Heroes promotional anime thus far. It's the same case for Cooler's own Golden transformation as well that was first debuted way back in the first season of the promo series. The newest episode of the New Space-Time War arc brings the two villainous siblings back to the promotional anime, and sees the two of them cleaned so quickly that it's clear that their power levels and strengths are nowhere near any of the other characters. 

(Photo: Bandai)

Power levels in general are an even much vaguer concept than they are in the main series in Super Dragon Ball Heroes. Because while fans are able to at least imagine a type of scale characters can measure themselves toward in the series' canon thanks to reference materials clearing up important information, this spin-off series has introduced so many godly types of enemies and abilities that the scale has been completely thrown off wack. For example, Goku uses Mastered Ultra Instinct with ease here and it basically means nothing. 

It's the same for Freeza and Cooler. The two of them have managed to maintain their Golden transformations throughout each of their appearances, but not only are they quickly defeated by Super Saiyan Rose 3 Goku Black, but are quickly defeated by Omega Shenron as well. They are tossed aside with quick attacks, and it's also a good example that in this series they are completely out of their realm and depth in terms of power and importance. But what do you think? 


How do you feel about Freeza and Cooler's use in the Dragon Ball Heroes anime so far? How do you like seeing their Golden forms used this way? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!