Dragon Ball Heroes Announces New Delay

Dragon Ball Heroes has given fans some amazingly insane moments, from bringing back Super Saiyan 4 [...]

Dragon Ball Heroes has given fans some amazingly insane moments, from bringing back Super Saiyan 4 to introducing new transformations for some of Saiyan fans' favorite characters, but it seems as if fans of the spin-off series will have to wait for the next chapter of the "Big Bang Mission" which will usher in the arrival of Super Saiyan 2 Rose Goku Black. The latest episode of the series focused on Vegeta battling against both Turles and Cumber, achieving a bizarre new power that tapped into the "Evil Power" of the Saiyans.

The "Big Bang Mission" is running in both the anime series as well as the Arcade game for the Dragon Ball Heroes franchise, with this new delay as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and Japan initiating another state of emergency in response to COVID-19. With Goku having the ability to access Ultra Instinct and Vegeta reaching a new pinnacle of strength as a result of the latest anime episode, it will be interesting to see how the pair of Z Fighters are able to stack up against this new form of the Dragon Ball Super villain known as Goku Black.

Twitter User DBS Chronicles shared the unfortunate news that the next entry into the Big Bang Mission would be delayed until June 3rd, with the coronavirus pandemic pushing back the game installment that will usher in some major installments into the series:

The Space-Time War Arc has barely begun in the anime for Super Dragon Ball Heroes, as several heroes and villains from Dragon Ball's past are being hyped for their grand return. Cell, the major villain from Dragon Ball Z who was created by the nefarious Dr. Gero, will be returning during this brand new storyline, though his motivations are anyone's guess. On top of Cell, Gohan will be introduced back into the spin-off alongside a gaggle of other major villains that are arriving thanks to the creation of Fuu's new universe.

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