Dragon Ball Super Easter Egg Sets Up Vegeta and Beerus' New Bond

Dragon Ball Super is back at it with a new arc, and it seems the story is off to an explosive start. A new chapter just went live from the series this week which focuses on a bunch of new villains. Of course, Goku and Vegeta have their part in this new release, but it seems the latter is ready to forge a better bond with Beerus. That is, if a lil' Easter egg has anything to say about it.

Over on Twitter, users such asa TotallyNotMark were quick to pick up on the small detail. The ordeal was found in chapter 68 as fans checked in on Goku and Vegeta. The two are training in the wake of Moro's defeat, and Goku is trying to get a better handle on Ultra Instinct with Whis. And while Vegeta sulks, it is Beerus who piques his interest in a new form of god power.

The whole exchange is telling in itself, but Dragon Ball Super slips into a small detail to further tie Vegeta to Beerus. The technique comes through the dialogue bubbles used. As you can see in the chapter, Goku and Whis talk to one another in rounded soft bubbles while Vegeta and Beerus speak in angular boxes. This change in shape is used often in comics and manga to convey a change in tone or even emotion. But in this case, the different shapes pair up to illustrates which mentor these Saiyans fit with.

Clearly, Goku and Whis have a relationship built already, but Vegeta has yet to settle on such a bond. He has desperately trained with both Whis and Beerus, but Vegeta has never aligned himself with one over the other. Now, it seems that will change as Beerus can use a different god power which suits the temperamental nature of his kind. And if we know anything about Vegeta, it is that aggression is his style.

What do you make of this little easter egg? Did you notice this in Dragon Ball Super's new chapter? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.