Dragon Ball Heroes Will Release a Special Episode Soon

Dragon Ball has its hands full at any given time, and that was only made clearer when the franchise welcomed a new PR anime. Fans have been tuning into the monthly installments of Super Dragon Ball Heroes for over a year now, and things are just getting crazier by the episode. And thanks to a new report, fans have learned a special episode is on its way.

The update comes from Twitter user Chronicles following the release of Dragon Ball Heroes' new episode. It was there the fan discovered a special episode will be released in November that should make netizens pause.

According to their report, the new special will debut in November, and it is being described as a special. This could mean two episodes of Dragon Ball Heroes are released in November, but there is no official word on that just yet.

There is little information known about the special at this time, but its title has been shared. The episode will be called "Rush to the Battlefield! Dragon Ball Heroes!". Currently, it seems the special will involve all the avatars of the Dragon Ball Heroes games, and fans are admittedly intrigued by the idea.


After all, the title screen that announced the special features a slew of avatars. Characters like Beat can be found, and these non-canon characters have always drawn attention. There is no word on what these avatars might be getting up to, but it could tie into the gang's battle with Fuu. And if not, well - fans will be treated to one of the anime's most wacky episodes yet.

What do you make of this teaser? What do you want to see Dragon Ball Heroes do in a special one day...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.