Where to Watch the Dragon Ball Heroes Anime

Dragon Ball has been around for decades at this point, and there is no sign the franchise will go away anytime soon. The series has kept fans hooked over the last year with its manga, and the anime has been surprisingly spry as well. While Dragon Ball Super is off the air, the PR anime Super Dragon Ball Heroes has taken center stage with the fandom. And if you need to catch up on the show, well - you are in luck.

For those needing a bit more context, Dragon Ball Heroes is a promotional miniseries that is all-out wild. The series is based on a popular Dragon Ball arcade game, and it adapts content straight from the series' manga. Plenty of new and old villains appear in this spin-off, and there are even alternate universe versions of Goku and Vegeta. So yeah, it is pretty wild all things considered.

(Photo: Toei Animation)

To date, there are 30 episodes of the anime. They debut in Japan on the arcade game's website, but they are region-locked outside of Japan. However, fans have aggregated the episodes to Youtube and given them unofficial subtitles as there are zero plans to ever formally license this PR series in North America. There are hours-long compilations like this which contain all 30 episodes, or you can go the playlist route if you need to take breaks.

If you have yet to catch up on the anime, you will want to before 2021 gets into full swing. Super Dragon Ball Heroes has confirmed it will enter a new arc this year, so the anime isn't going anywhere any time soon. The manga is also ready to tackle a new arc, so fans are glad to hear the new year won't be leaving Goku in the dust.


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