Dragon Ball Cliffhanger Teases Broly's Return

A major cliffhanger in Super Dragon Ball Heroes' newest episode teases Broly's return to action! The promotional anime series continues to make its way through its second season, the Big Bang Mission arc has introduced a whole new audience to wild ideas from the original arcade games such as the fact that Super Saiyan 4 continues to play a major role in at least this part of the franchise. Not only is this non-canon form still in play, but many of the side characters introduced throughout the franchise as a whole. Naturally, this includes Broly's first incarnation.

Although the Broly seen in the Dragon Ball Z films has been replaced with the canonical incarnation of the character introduced in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, this first version is still kicking around in Super Dragon Ball Heroes. In fact, the cliffhanger for the latest episode of the promotional series confirms we'll be seeing him again very soon.

Episode 10 of Super Dragon Ball Heroes' promotional anime series is titled "Evil Breaks Through its Limits! Broly Returns" and the synopsis for the episode further teases the evil Broly incarnation as it begins with, "Vegeto: Xeno and Dark Lord Fu clash in the cracks of time. Dark Lord Fu's evil ki shoots up as he raises his hand changing the surrounding area into a huge ballroom. As the tiles collapse one after the other, a familiar figure with a mighty roar appears..."

Continuing further the synopsis teases, "During the fierce battle, the Universe Tree which was infused with energy of the dark lord, starts to shine and light spreads out in a flash! As the light emitted from the Universe Tree swallows various places, a man with a grin stands near the restrained Cumber."

By the sounds of things there are going to be a ton of things happening as Dragon Ball Heroes' promotional anime prepares for its next major arc. It seems it will not only involve Broly (who will seemingly reach a new level of power soon too), but the Evil Saiyan Cumber as well. But what do you think?


Excited to see this version of Broly in action again? Which version of Broly do you prefer? Hoping to see the Dragon Ball Super version of Broly in anime action again someday? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!