Dragon Ball Heroes Confirms Vegeta's Whereabouts with New Update

Super Dragon Ball Heroes has started the next saga of the spin-off series with a bang, diving into the "Space-Time War" with Goku teaming up with the villain Hearts to fight the sibling tag-team in Cooler and Freeza, but many fans are left wondering just where the Prince of the Saiyans is during this major confrontation. With the arc kicking off with the original Broly and the main universe's version of Vegito diving into Fuu's new universe, an update in the Dragon Ball Heroes' manga has given us an idea as to where Vegeta has wound up.

Over the course of Dragon Ball Heroes, we've been introduced to two versions of the Prince of the Saiyans, including the main version of Vegeta and the version that is a part of the "Time Patrol". The Time Patrol Vegeta has a number of tricks up his sleeve that the Vegeta that we've come to know hasn't been able to exhibit, such as being able to tap into the power of Super Saiyan 3 and Super Saiyan 4 respectively. Though their personalities are lock in step, it's clear that the two Vegetas' lives have been very different from one another leading up to the events of Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

Twitter User DBS Chronicles shared the breakdown of the Dragon Ball Heroes' manga, that reflects the events that have taken place in the latest episode of the anime, while adding a detail regarding the whereabouts of the Saiyan Prince and who he is currently testing his strength against:

Specifically, Vegeta is in the new "copied universe" on the Planet Vegeta, battling against the combined forces of Turles and Cumber who have been major antagonists in the Dragon Ball spin-off series. With two masked Saiyans waiting in the wings, we expect to see the Saiyan Prince battling against his fair share of Saiyans as the anime continues.

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