Viral Dragon Ball Cosplay Gives Master Roshi Perfectly Hilarious Makeover

One awesome Dragon Ball cosplay has gone viral with fans for giving Master Roshi one perfect, yet hilarious makeover! Master Roshi has been an integral part of Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball franchise ever since it first began, and fans know full well the kinds of things the elderly fighter is truly capable of. This continues through to even the most recent releases of Dragon Ball Super too, and continues to prove why he's such an important part of the franchise overall despite how strong and otherworldly some of the opponents Goku has faced have been since Roshi's prime fighting days. 

Because while fans love seeing Master Roshi throw down when all other options are off the table (as he's willing to strategize and try whatever is necessary to win before even tiring himself out in combat), what fans have come to love the most about the character are his more hilarious quirks such as his fondness for the fem form. Now artist Josie Marcellino has raised an interesting question about how Master Roshi would respond to his own fem makeover with one perfectly hilarious cosplay! It's really taken off with fans on Instagram, and you can check it out below: 

Master Roshi still contributes quite a bit as the series continues, so hopefully there's a chance that he will make an appearance in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie. This new movie is the first new anime release since Dragon Ball Super: Broly first hit theaters a couple of years ago, and that means it's a great opportunity to show off some of the characters we haven't seen in action since the TV series came to an end before that. With Broly keeping its action focused on a few characters, it meant we didn't see the returns of Roshi or the others. 

The stakes seem considerably lower than the last time with the first few looks at what Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero promises to offer thus far, and that means it's the perfect time for Roshi to make a proper anime comeback. Characters like Korin, Bulma, and more have been confirmed already, so it would be just another strong reason to check out this next major anime entry! 

But what do you think? Do you want to see Master Roshi in anime action again someday? Where does he rank among your favorite Z Fighters? Let us know all of your thoughts about it and everything else Dragon Ball in the comments!