Dragon Ball Super Reveals How Master Roshi Taps into that Tournament of Power Technique

There have been several debates among fans in terms of what is officially canon when it comes to [...]

There have been several debates among fans in terms of what is officially canon when it comes to the manga and anime iterations of Dragon Ball Super. Both releases evolve in their own ways with their own distinct moments, and this was never clearer than with the Tournament of Power. The manga's version of the arc was completely different, and featured several highlights for characters that fans didn't see in the anime such as when Master Roshi took on Jiren all by himself. Not only was this impressive in its own right, Roshi seemed to be able to dodge a few of Jiren's powerful and speedy attacks.

This resulted in a kind of Ultra Instinct for Master Roshi that eventually inspired Goku to unlock his official one, and it turns out that Roshi has still be training to use this technique more in the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc. In the latest chapter of the series, fans get a clear idea of how Roshi gets himself into this dodging technique in his battle against some escaped inmates.

Chapter 57 sees Roshi continue to take on a dangerous trio of women, and he's still very much set in his perverted ways. After failing to grope them, he decides to keep his perversions in check by covering his eyes with a blindfold. Krillin suggests he tap into the same technique he used against Jiren in the Tournament of Power, and Roshi agrees but admits it's tough to clear his mind of his "wicked energy."

The blindfold indeed does the trick as he manages to dodge and counter every one of the trio's attacks without really breaking a sweat. The three of them note just how much stronger Roshi has gotten with his eyes closed, and he tries to get them to repent for what they have done by turning themselves in and returning to prison. But it doesn't work out that way as the trio resorts to fusing in order to win the battle.

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