Dragon Ball Super Gets Cancelled Overseas Over Sexual Harassment Claims

Dragon Ball Super has been out for years now, but the show continues to find new fans by the day. [...]

Dragon Ball Super has been out for years now, but the show continues to find new fans by the day. From the manga to series re-runs, there are lots of ways to check on the title, and these outlets are huge in South America. But now, it seems like one country has cancelled Dragon Ball Super amidst an ongoing debate concerning Master Roshi.

If you need some context, let's wind things back a bit. Dragon Ball Super saw its TV anime close several years ago in anticipation of its first movie. The series has not made a return since, so regions all over the world are simply re-airing Dragon Ball Super. This is very common in South America and Mexico given how big Dragon Ball is in these regions. However, the capital city of Argentina is no longer seeing eye to eye with the anime.

Dragon Ball Akira Toriyama
(Photo: Toei Animation)

Not long ago, Buenos Aires' Department of Communication released a statement in regards to Dragon Ball Super. The note went live after an episode aired that leads into the Tournament of Power. It was there fans watched as Master Roshi took on an odd training session, and the man's perverted ways have gotten the show cancelled now.

According to the official statement, the Department of Public Defense was sent a complaint by the Ministry of Women, Gender Politics, and Sexual Diversity. The latter filed a complaint after constituents provided their reactions to the most recent Dragon Ball Super episode. As for the episode in question, it happened to be the one where Roshi recruited Puar to transform into a lovely young lady. The perverted teacher asked Puar to do this so Roshi could overcome his weakness because he knows he's too perverted for his own good. By the end of his training, Roshi says he has overcome the need to sexualize women but only on the battlefield.

This episode is a bit sketchy, but authorities in Buenos Aires were far from amused. The executives are officially accusing Roshi of engaging in sexual abuse. Now, Cartoon Network and Warner Media are pulling Dragon Ball Super from the air in Buenos Aires and much of Argentina following the complaint. Of course, this could change in the future. But for now, it seems like Roshi has ruined a good thing for Goku and the gang.

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