Dragon Ball Celebrates Nappa Day with Impressively Burly Artwork

Dragon Ball has some good traditions, but fans of the anime have committed them to memory. Of course, this includes all of the unofficial holidays honoring the franchise's fighters. Whether good or bad, plenty of characters from Dragon Ball are celebrated on specific days, and it turns out Nappa has come around to his holiday

Today marks July 28 in the United States, and Japan celebrated the date ahead of America thanks to the timezone difference. This day is used to celebrate Nappa as the date's name in Japanese loosely translates to Leafy Vegetable Day. And as you might know, Nappa is the king of leafy greens.

After all, it is in the name. Nappa the Saiyan and Nappa the Lettuce? It is hard to unsee the veggie Vegeta's former lackey was named after, and it has even given the evil Saiyan his own holiday.

Over on Dragon Ball's official website, a slew of Nappa artwork was posted in honor of the special day. It doesn't appear any of the artwork is new, but fans are happy for the gallery anyways. It isn't everyday Nappa gets his proper due, and Leafy Vegetable Day is as good as any day to hype him up.

Did you know Nappa had his very own holiday? Which Dragon Ball characters would you be willing to celebrate? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!