Dragon Ball Super Reveals Deadly Secret About Moro's Copy Ability

Dragon Ball Super knows a thing or two cheap moves, and fans will attest to it. Over the decades, both heroes and villains alike have frustrated fans by pulling wins out of nowhere. Goku has become rather good at the feat, but it seems like Moro is a close follow-up thanks to a secret about his latest power.

For those of you who have read chapter 62 of Dragon Ball Super, you will know what is up. The issue boils down to Moro's acquisition of Seven-Three's powers. The baddie stunned Goku and his comrades when Moro chose to absorb the android. It turns out Moro planted a back-up of his powers within Seven-Three just in case, and he was wise for doing so.

After absorbing his back-up along with Seven-Three, Moro found himself to be stronger than ever. Not even Goku was able to take the fighter down despite trying his best. In fact, the Saiyan took an arm through the chest when Moro regenerated his arm, and that is when fans learned something unexpected about his copying ability.

dragon ball moro form

"Did I fail to mention that the abilities Seven-Three copied are now mine forever with no pesky time limits," Moro told the group.


Of course, the bombshell left fans shocked as they did not expect it at all. Moro copying Vegeta's power made sense because it was a fresh take. However, they didn't think Piccolo or Gohan would stick around with Moro despite their powers expiring with Seven-Three. This makes the villain one of the most powerful (if not the most) to join Dragon Ball, and that is simply based on what we know. There is no telling what other powers Moro inherited from Seven-Three, so this secret is turning out to be a deadly one.

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