Dragon Ball Launches New Funko with Funimation 2021 Exclusive

The vast majority of brawlers in the Dragon Ball franchise have been brought to life using the popular figurines known as Funko Pops, with more hitting the shelves as time marches on, and Funimation, the company partly responsible for the Shonen franchise's elevation throughout the years has revealed a brand new exclusive figure. The figure itself, marking the first time that the smart-mouthed feline Karin is hitting the Funko scene, is currently available on Funimation's website, giving fans the opportunity to add one of the oldest characters of the anime to Dragon Ball fans' collections.

Karin was originally instrumental in the development of Goku as a fighter, being introduced as an eight hundred-year-old martial artist who lived atop a tower that was nearly impossible to scale. Following his training with Karin, Goku would then go on to meet Kami, the "God of Earth" who also happened to be the good side of the Demon King Piccolo, who would eventually merge with his other half during the Cell Saga. Of course, as power levels increased, Karin's effectiveness as a trainer decreased, and he is perhaps most well known now for being the Z Fighters' dealer when it comes to Senzu Beans, the food that can heal any wound and bring back any lost stamina caused by a battle.

Funko Pop Hunters shared the brand new exclusive from Funimation that brings the original Dragon Ball character, Karin, to the world of Funko with a figure that brings the feline warrior to life as one of the oldest brawlers in the series to date:

For the most part, Karin has been seen as comic relief following his initial role in the first Dragon Ball series, usually seen alongside Yajirobe whenever he makes an appearance. With Dragon Ball Super currently exploring the world of the gods and giving Goku and Vegeta some insane power boosts, the role for Karin and several other characters that were introduced in the first series continue to diminish.


Dragon Ball remains one of the biggest franchises to be brought to the world of Funko Pops, anime, or otherwise, and we look forward to seeing what other characters get brought to life via these figures.

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