Dragon Ball Reveals Plan to Reintroduce Super 17

Super Dragon Ball Heroes hasn't just brought back transformations such as Super Saiyan 4, but has also brought back villains from the original Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT series, with the spin-off anime getting ready for the return of "Super 17". A bi-product of the Dragon Ball GT story, this version of 17 is a villain through and through, acting as the focal point for a story line that saw all the denizens of hell, including the villains of Z, making big returns in the outside of continuity series!

The spin-off series has been mostly focusing on the return of the villain from the twelfth Dragon Ball Z movie, Janemba, and his power boost that he received thanks to the work of the mysterious Dr. W. With the Goku and Vegeta of the Xeno-verse achieving a new level of Super Saiyan 4 in the latest episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes with Limit Breaker, Janemba's time has passed thanks in part to a "Double Dragon Fist". With Fu's army consisting of the likes of Turles, Bojack, and the aforementioned Super 17, it will definitely be interesting to see the big splash that the villain's return will make to the main warriors of Universe 7 and their Time Patrol counterparts.

Twitter User DBSChronciles shared the synopsis of the next episode of the Super Dragon Ball Heroes series, hinting that the Android 17 that we know in the main series will be combating his GT counterpart, alongside Gohan battling against the villain of DBZ's ninth film in Bojack:

In Dragon Ball GT, Super 17 was a fusion of two versions of Android 17, bringing a war to the Z Fighters and eventually eliminated by Goku who was trapped in the body that he had when he was a child. With the Android 17 that we know getting a huge power boost and earning the title of champion of the Tournament of Power, it will definitely be interesting to see which version of the black haired cyborg will come out the victor.

What do you think of the plans that Super Dragon Ball Heroes has for Super 17? Who do you think wins in a fight between the 17s? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Dragon Ball!