Dragon Ball Star Confirms Return to Pokemon Journeys

Sean Schemmel has made a name for himself by giving voice to the iconic character of Son Goku from the Shonen Series of Dragon Ball, but his talents aren't simply confined to the series created by Akira Toriyama and it seems as if he'll be making a return to the anime of Pokemon Journeys with his version of the spooky pocket monster known as Lampent. While Lampent won't be going Super Saiyan any time soon, Schemmel definitely is able to give a unique voice to the spectral creature that freaked out a number of Pokemon fans since making its first appearance.

Lampent is a unique pocket monster in the anime series that has introduced hundreds of battling monsters since its inception, arriving as a ghost-type Pokemon that many believe ushers spirits to the after life. Seemingly having the ability to sense when someone is about to die, Lampent will hang around said person to apparently steal the spirit of the dying individual before they die. The lantern type Pokemon was introduced in the franchise's fifth generation and Sean Schemmel has lent his voice talents in bringing the spooky creature to life that sends shivers up the spines of those that encounter it.

Sean Schemmel confirmed that he would be returning to the role of Lampent thanks to a social media response to a fan, noting that he would make his return in an upcoming episode of Pokemon Journeys that would be airing on Netflix later this month:

Schemmel's return to the role of Son Goku has yet to get a confirmation date, as the return of the Dragon Ball Super series or a new feature length film have yet to be confirmed. Needless to say, Dragon Ball fans are waited with baited breath to see the battles of Goku brought to animated life once again, as the Moro Arc of the Dragon Ball Super manga have definitely put the Saiyan warrior through the ringer and given him some flashy new power ups in the process.

There has never been an official crossover between Dragon Ball and Pokemon, but Schemmel would definitely have his work cut out for him if Ash Ketchum ever pit his Pokemon against the Z Fighters!


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