Sean Schemmel Shares His Tips On How To Scream Like Goku

Voice actor veteran Sean Schemmel has given Goku his voice — and his screams — since 1999, and he has important tips for Dragon Ball fans who have been gathering specifically to scream like the Saiyan.

"The way I protect it is — and I'd recommend this to anybody that's practicing these screams in the park — is gobs of air," Schemmel tells

Schemmel explains to "keep that breath support going," advising to stop the imitation if feeling any sharp pain in the vocal chords.

"I actually worry about this, that kids are emulating Goku's screams," he says.

"Lots of air, lots of air. And if you feel sharp pain in your vocal chords, stop."

"If you feel just general yelling pain," he adds, "you're probably okay. Any kind of sharp pain, you wanna stop, because you don't want to squeeze those vocal chords together and mess them up."

Schemmel, who once passed out performing a Super Saiyan 4 transformation during work on Dragon Ball GT, says the natural wear-and-tear on the voice comes with age.

"I'm lucky in the sense that I've always had really good reparative systems. As I'm getting older, it gets a little harder," Schemmel says.


"When we did Z back in the day, I would do five days in a row, close to 12 hour days, then I'd be done for three or four days. But usually after a hard day of screaming, I can sometimes be good the next day, but as I get older it takes about two days, three days. And sometimes it's several. So it can be very vocally stressful."

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