Dragon Ball Super: Broly: Sean Schemmel Voiced His Hardest Scene All in One Take

Dragon Ball Super's anime continuing further might be uncertain for the forseeable future, but at [...]

Dragon Ball Super's anime continuing further might be uncertain for the forseeable future, but at least it went out on top with the feature film effort, Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Years after the film hit theaters, it's still one of the most fondly looked on releases in the franchise as a whole. ComicBook.com recently got together with Dragon Ball fans and stars behind the film Christopher Sabat, Sean Schemmel, Chris Ayres, and Sonny Strait to re-experience Dragon Ball Super: Broly alongside one another during a Quarantine Watch Party. Seeing the film with everyone resulted in some fun moments!

Not only did this open fans' eyes to just how much love Dragon Ball Super: Broly gets to this day, but the stars behind the film revealed their thoughts on how it all came together. One of the most interesting tidbits had ADR Director (and voice behind Vegeta and many others) Christopher Sabat reveal that Sean Schemmel (who provides the voice of Goku) nailed a particularly brutal scene in one take.

When Goku first fights against Broly, he's quickly overpowered by Broly's savage fighting style. It's the same for when he goes into Super Saiyan God form as it's not enough to stop Broly from throwing Goku around like a ragdoll. Funny enough, although Schemmel nailed the face dragging across the ice in one take, he did joke that it leaves him feeling just as dragged after nearly every session.

This wasn't the only thing that came up during the watch party as one of the most hilarious moments had the stars debating over which character was best suited to be the God of Destruction following Beerus. While there's a ton of support for Vegeta to take on this role from Sabat himself, this has now become one of the more burning questions if the anime ever does make a comeback.

What did you think of Goku's fight against Broly in Dragon Ball Super: Broly? What are some of your favorite Sean Schemmel Goku performances over the years? What are some of Goku's best moments in the anime overall? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!