Dragon Ball Actor Reacts to Sexy Vegeta Meme

Dragon Ball fans know that the Saiyan race has some beautiful genes, but that didn't stop one of the anime's stars from acting out when a certain sexy meme of Vegeta went live. It all began on Twitter when the site was flooded a now-viral meme pairing two very different photos together; One features a pair of toned legs wearing thigh-high boots, and the other is meant to connect to the legs to create a seamless photo. And when it was Vegeta's turn to wear the boots, his dub actor had something to say.

It was Christopher Sabat who took one for the team when he reacted to Vegeta's sexy meme. The actor used all caps to share his thoughts on the mash-up which Lauren Moore of Funimation created. Her crossover meme worked like a charm, but Vegeta's seductive use of thigh-high boots got Sabat in his head.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE," the actor wrote along with some question and exclamation marks. The over-the-top reaction is in character for Vegeta, so fans are loving the little joke. After all, the Saiyan has little to no patience, so Vegeta isn't going go suffer jokes (or memes) at his expense.

Of course, vegeta has become more tolerant of those things as he has gotten older. The start of Dragon Ball Z brought Vegeta into the picture without a sense off humor. The Saiyan wanted nothing more than to fight and exert his power over anyone who got in his way. Of course, Goku was not about to do that, and his overly goofy personality must have rubbed off on Vegeta over the last decade. Dragon Ball Super really showed how far Vegeta and his patience have come, so maybe it's not so hard to think he might wear thigh-high boots...

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