Why Hasn't Beerus Done Much in Dragon Ball Super?

Beerus brought a whole new dynamic to Dragon Ball when he debuted a few years back, but fans are starting to wonder whether the God of Destruction is ever going to do anything. The fighter got off to a great start as he challenged Goku to a fight after awakening from a long nap. During his sleep, Beerus could not shake the thought of the Legendary Super Saiyan, and Goku was the only one who could satiate his curiosity. But in the following arcs, Beerus has done little but eat sweets so you can see why Dragon Ball Super fans are calling out the god for doing a whole bunch of nothing.

As a Destroyer, Beerus admittedly has no motivation to save anyone. It's why when he does take action it's a big deal. His role in the Earth's affairs began to shift from bystander to full on commentator during the Tournament of Power as a sign that Beerus was slowly being drawn in. That's just not enough, however. He needs to take some significant action to stay relevant lest he end up like the Supreme Kai.

In the latest chapter of the series (Chapter 59) he's ignoring the battle between Moro and Goku on Earth because if the Earth is destroyed, it's just another job. But given his attachment to the planet following the Tournament of Power, you think he would care. It's not exactly off the table as Moro's increasing strength could very well get his attention, but what is the threshold for this exactly?

(Photo: Bandai Namco)

Beerus is quickly folding into the background of the franchise (even Whis had more to do in Dragon Ball Super: Broly), and as more facets of the multiverse are revealed in the manga there's a very good chance Beerus will become irrelevant in the face of even stronger beings. It's not like he can't get involved either as Angels are the only ones with a specific set of laws. He's gotten involved in mortal affairs in his initial fight with Goku, and has proven he'll insert himself into immortal ones against Zamasu. So when will this shoe drop? Is it even a tease anymore?


Dragon Ball Heroes recently tapped into this idea of Beerus potentially being the one to take action, and in sort of a full circle way, Beerus could even become the final villain in the series. It would make sense considering Goku's current ascent to godhood, but taking action doesn't necessarily mean going evil either. What if he's forced to do his job by a higher power? What if fighting Moro revealed that Hakai didn't work on the villain and just made him stronger? There are too many possibilities!

What do you think? Is Beerus being used properly so far? Does he need to take action in Dragon Ball Super? What are you hoping to see from the God of Destruction? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!

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