'Dragon Ball' Reveals Why Goku and Vegeta Regain Power So Quickly

There is no denying the power of Goku and Vegeta. Dragon Ball fans know how strong the duo can [...]

There is no denying the power of Goku and Vegeta. Dragon Ball fans know how strong the duo can get, and their upper limit has yet to be found. Every time one of the fighters is knocked down, they come back with a power up out of nowhere. For some, the sudden comebacks come off as a cop-out, but that is not the case.

No, the creator of Dragon Ball has addressed the issue before, and Akira Toriyama has the perfect explanation for the Saiyan race's insane stamina.

In the past, the artist was asked how the Saiyan race could compete against characters like Beerus. After all, it is one thing to fight Freeza, but it is a different story entirely when Gods of Destruction come into play. Toriyama opened up about the power difference awhile back with Animanga, and the creator said Saiyans can cope with the disparity thanks to their heritage.

"Saiyans rapidly increase in strength as they fight against strong opponents, so the longer they fought, the more that gap would shrink," Toriyama said.

"It might even be possible for them to eventually turn the tables."

The artist's note was said in reference to Beerus and Goku's battle, but the same principle can be connected to the hero's fight with Jiren. After all, the Pride Trooper is as strong if not more so than his God of Destruction. He is still way out of Goku's league in terms of power, but that gap could be closing. Jiren is one of the strongest fighters Goku has faced, and he has already powered up once before thanks to Ultra Instinct. It may just be a matter of time until Goku bridges his power gap with Jiren, and the pair will be able to fight on equal footing.

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