'Dragon Ball Super' Throws Wrench Into Popular Freeza Fan Theory

Dragon Ball Super just had its most harrowing episode in the finale to the Tournament of Power, as [...]

Dragon Ball Super just had its most harrowing episode in the finale to the Tournament of Power, as the remainder of the Universe 7 team tried to launch a combined all-out assault against Jiren. In a shocking turn, the Universe 11 Pride Trooper champion thrashed the entire Universe 7 team, and forced Android 17 to make the ultimate sacrifice.

However, going into episode 127 there was a popular fan theory about how the Tournament of Power will end, and it was all about the secret reveal that Freeza has been hiding out in the arena while the final fighters battled it out. But after the events of this latest episode, it seems that theory has been all but debunked.

Freeza didn't have a major role in this latest Universe 7 battle with Jiren, but he definitely made his presence known, all but eliminating the possibility that he could somehow be overlooked or forgotten about as Goku, Vegeta, and Jiren enter a final bout:

It now seems as though the most likely scenario is Freeza refusing to relent (as he is wont to do), and somehow contributing to Universe 7's win before being eliminated in the next couple of episodes. How that will go down will likely be in one of two ways:

  1. Giving Goku a massive energy boost, as he did before.
  2. Either injuring or weakening Jiren in some way.

Freeza's presence in the Tournament has been something of a head-scratcher, with many fans figuring that the evil villain had some kind of larger scheme to hatch. It would be something of a twist to see Freeza redeem himself in some way - even if it's ultimately for self-serving reasons.

How do you think Freeza's role in the Tournament of Power will play out?

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