Dragon Ball Super Animator Posts Timelapse of Their Latest Goku Sketch

Dragon Ball Super has shown us a new side to Goku, allowing him to access the power of the Gods, [...]

Dragon Ball Super has shown us a new side to Goku, allowing him to access the power of the Gods, and beyond, as he has taken on stronger enemies than the Z Fighters have ever encountered before, and one animator behind the franchise has shared a "time lapse sketch" that shows off the modern take on the Saiyan protagonist. With the Dragon Ball Super anime currently on hiatus following the end of the Tournament of Power arc, fans are waiting for news of the series return and enjoying the outside of continuity story that is in Super Dragon Ball Heroes!

Throughout Dragon Ball Super, Goku has found himself conquering enemies in battle and learning a number of new transformations that were stemmed within the world of the gods. First becoming a Super Saiyan God with the return of the franchise, he would later learn how to transform into a Super Saiyan Blue, which was one step above that and made his hair a nice shade of aqua. Following this, during the Tournament of Power, Goku learned about the transformation of Ultra Instinct and used it in his battle against the super powered crime fighter known as Jiren from Universe 11. While Goku has yet to master Ultra Instinct during the Moro Arc, it was come in handy and he has learned how to activate the first "level" of UI on a whim.

Yuya Takahashi, an animator for the Dragon Ball franchise, shared this time lapse sketch of Son Goku in his Super Saiyan form, showing off how the modern version of the character has developed within the Super series and how animators are able to bring these fan favorite characters to life:

There has been no news regarding the anime return of Dragon Ball Super, but the manga has continued showing audiences the journeys of Goku, Vegeta, and the rest of the Z Fighters as they take on the nefarious villain known as Moro, who has the ability to sap the energy from opponents, as well as entire planets!

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