Dragon Ball Animator Hypes Fans with Super Saiyan Blue Goku Sketch

Dragon Ball has brought in some of the biggest animators working in Japan, and Yuya Takahashi has become a favorite with the fandom. The artist made a name for himself in Dragon Ball Super thanks to his sharp style. Over the years, the animator has become a fixture with the fandom as netizens continue to praise him for his work.

Over on Twitter, Takahashi earned the praise of fans when he posted a new piece of art. The animator was in the mood to draw Dragon Ball despite the anime being closed. The itch to draw Goku was too great to leave be, and fans are glad Takahashi gave in as it reunited them with Super Saiyan Blue Goku.

As you can see below, the artwork shows Goku in the midst of battle, and he looks a bit worse for wear. The hero is powered into Super Saiyan Blue, and he has injuries on his face. As blood drips down his cheek, Goku seems to be relaxed about his injured state as his focus is elsewhere.

When Goku is backed into a corner like this, the Saiyan puts all of his energy into fighting. Takahashi shows that quite openly in this new sketch. Fans are also in love with the mystical nature of this sketch as Super Saiyan Blue Goku has an unusual aura here. His art style really makes it looks like Dragon Ball Z included the Super Saiyan Blue form. But as fans know, that was not the case.


These days, Dragon Ball favors a very different art style compared to this one, but this stark design will always have a place with fans. The minimal style harkens back to the days of Dragon Ball Z, King Kai, and Cell. There is something so nostalgic about this art style when it comes to the classic anime, and Takahashi is just the man to master the form.

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