Dragon Ball Cosplayer Taps Into Ultra Instinct with Genius Low-Cost Look

There are dozens of transformations under Dragon Ball's belt at this time, and fans cannot get [...]

There are dozens of transformations under Dragon Ball's belt at this time, and fans cannot get enough of them. The late-stage reveal of Ultra Instinct left Dragon Ball Super fans hyped a few years back, and many are still hung up on the form today. Of course, that means cosplayers have given the ethereal look their own spins, but none can be done as cheaply as the look which Low Cost Cosplay did. The Internet star decided it was time to make his own Ultra Instinct form, and they got REAL creative for this new look.

As you can see down below, the cosplay is pretty dang impressive. The low-cost method means anyone can do it provided they have access to a shower and lots of shampoo. After all, the only things you need to make this Ultra Instinct Goku cosplay are shampoo, water, and plenty of patience.

The Dragon Ball look begins with the Thai cosplay star washing his hair, and he continues to lather shampoo until it is firm with suds. The third photo shows the end result of Low Cost Cosplay styling his sudsy hair to mimic the style which Ultra Instinct brings about. The white suds are firm enough to hold the shape of Goku's gravity defying hair, and the color matches perfectly to boot.

Who needs the hyperbolic time chamber or gravity chamber when you got the shower chamber 🤷‍♂️ #brah. From Quick turtle on Facebook. from r/dbz

Oh! And you cannot forget to suds up your eyebrows too! That is very important.

Not only does the shower give Dragon Ball fans a cheap way to cosplay Ultra Instinct, but it gives them a bit of extra shine. The water on the cosplayer's skin makes it look like they are shining with a white aura, and that works out great for Ultra Instinct. There are few better ways to cosplay this iconic form for less money, so we have to give Low Cost Cosplay all the kudos for figuring out this look!

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