Dragon Ball Super Showcases Moro and Goku's Most Explosive Clash Yet

After teasing a big rematch, Dragon Ball Super's latest chapter has the most explosive battle between Goku and Moro yet. Dragon Ball Super's Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc has officially reached what seems to be its final act as both Goku and Vegeta have taken the fight against Moro on Earth. Goku's not looking too hot in this battle, however, as he has already reached the limits of his new mastery for Ultra Instinct Sign and is doing whatever he can to either reach his former mastery or deal some kind of significant damage to Moro.

Seeing Goku's efforts in the last chapter have also seemed to boost Moro's efforts as well in Chapter 60. The two of them are now interesting in one another and go into their most explosive fight yet as they clash auras with one another. Both fighters are now out to prove something in this fight, but Goku has far more to fight for.

Even still, these new efforts don't seem to work in Goku's favor in the slightest. After reaching the limits of his stamina with Ultra Instinct Sign, Goku decides to bet it all and just push his Ultra Instinct power as far as it can go. Sacrificing his speed for pure power, the bet on this fight against Moro unfortunately does not work out in Goku's favor either.

Dragon Ball Super Goku Moro Explosive Battle Manga
(Photo: Shueisha)

Moro's been getting stronger with each passing chapter, and the same can be said for Chapter 60. While Goku is fighting harder than ever, Moro is actually putting effort into things for once. This has made a world of difference as his skin is now described as "steel" and he continues to radiate with power unlike how he was before.


While Goku was fighting at his most explosive, Moro was as well and this will prove to be a tougher challenge than Goku and Vegeta are ready for. Luckily, Vegeta seems confident that his training on Yardrat has been successful enough that he will be the one to defeat Moro at the end of the day. But we won't see how that fight goes for sure until the next chapter.

How did you like this fight between Ultra Instinct Goku and Moro? How do you think the fight will go from here? Will Goku be the one to defeat Moro or is Vegeta finally taking one for himself? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!