New 'Dragon Ball Super' Theory Predicts One Controversial Finale

It isn't an easy thing to plan out a long-running manga. Franchises like Fairy Tail have seen its fans revolt over loose structuring, but Dragon Ball has avoided widespread hate in that regard. Aside from some filler sagas and a couple shaky villains, the fandom is mostly fine with how Dragon Ball has set itself up.

However, if one theory is right, then Dragon Ball Super may end up angering some fans when all is said and done.

Over on Reddit, fans of Akira Toriyama's franchise dug deep into Dragon Ball Super and its supposed foreshadows. The crowd gathered to comment on whether the anime would truly end with Freeza as its number one baddie. The debate's questions got fans going, but the theory has made a believer out of some.

As the idea goes, Dragon Ball Super has been shaping itself up to end with one insane clash between Freeza and - you guessed it - Goku. The villain hasn't shied away from his desire to take out the Gods of Destruction and usurp the Omni-Kings. In his usual fashion, Freeza wants to become the most powerful person out there, and he knows there is greater power in the multiverse than just Goku.

The path towards Freeza gaining such insane power is a stumbling block for the fan-theory, but Dragon Ball Z fans do think the turn would be poignant. After all, Freeza was the first major villain introduced in the anime. Toriyama could follow-up on his mirroring tricks to end Dragon Ball Super with a climax that copies a fan-favorite saga from the franchise's hey-day.

Old-school fans are interested in having Freeza make a comeback as a final boss because of poetic justice. The baddie started things off for fans back in the late 1990s, and audiences love them some throwback plots. With the arrival of Universe 6, Freeza and Goku could literally relive (and upgrade) their epic clash on Namek if Toriyama felt so inclined.

However, the Freeza theory has got plenty of fans bored. Dragon Ball isn't a franchise that gives its characters dynamic arcs, and Freeza has gotten more characterization than most baddies. His return in Dragon Ball Super was controversial with parts of the fandom, and Toriyama may be content leaving Freeza in Hell after he gets an inevitable beatdown in the 'Universal Survival' saga. There are other villains Toriyama could resurrect, and the creator has every right to make new baddies up as he goes along.


With the future of Dragon Ball Super uncertain, it's impossible to see where it will end up. The anime could have a peaceful wrap that leads right into Dragon Ball Z's epilogue. On the other hand, it could also end with a battle that would put Goku's first bout with Freeza to shame. For now, all fans can do is lay out their hopes for what is to come and pray that Toriyama is reading their comments.

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