'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 125 Recap With Spoilers

The episode begins with a recap of last week's events as Gohan worked together with Freeza in [...]

The episode begins with a recap of last week's events as Gohan worked together with Freeza in order to defeat Universe 11's Dyspo once and for all. Unfortunately for Gohan, this also led to his elimination, bringing the final fighter and minute count of the Tournament of Power to six minutes.

The episode begins proper with Goku and Vegeta fighting Jiren once more, but they don't seem to be making any major progress as Jiren has yet to react to any of their attacks. Gohan's still confident in Goku and Vegeta's victory. After this, Beerus acknowledges Gohan's effort and references him as "Gohan" instead of "Goku's kid."

After this brief respite, Goku and Vegeta challenging Jiren again at full power. Goku says to attack, and Vegeta says not to order him around. The episode then cuts to Android 17 fighting Toppo as 17's energy barriers are enough to keep Toppo's Justice Flash attack at bay. He then pelts Toppo with a large number of attacks. Toppo says these attacks are ineffective, but 17 says it's according to plan.

Piccolo notes that 17 is "attacking a lot, but nothing's a deciding hit." Android 18 gets to the root of 17's plan to use his infinite energy to pelt Toppo enough to run out the last six minutes of the tournament. Though, in that instant, Toppo finds a hole in 17's attacks and decides to go for one last gambit.

Dumping all of his "justice" into one final ki blast, he fires it at 17. 17 meets this with an equally large blast, but is quickly pushed to the edge of the tournament stage. Just as he was going to fall over, Freeza appears and shoots Toppo in the back (though they're both still firing their large blasts).

Asking if 17 is playing around, he blasts Toppo continuously in the back to try and get him to drop his concentration. All the while he taunts Toppo, goading him to fight back with the justice he loves so much. But deciding he's waited long enough, he fires a larger blast at Toppo's back and his and 17's blasts manage to overwhelm Toppo.

Universe 7 thinks this eliminated Toppo, but Whis notices that he had yet to show up in the stands as Toppo reappears and is seemingly knocked unconscious. Freeza taunts him by calling him trash and offering to gently eliminate him. Soon after, Toppo silently arises as his Pride Trooper uniform is torn to shreds.

Stating that "Justice is worthless now," and that he's made up his mind, he starts emitting an energy everyone takes notice up. Shin says it's almost at the power of the Gods and Universe 11's Jiren and Belmod say that Toppo has finally decided to use "that power."

With a huge power surge, Toppo gathers energy and his body starts to change. His eyes have turned purple, his stance is different, and he has markings on his body. His skin is now darker, and his aura is now a dark purple hue. Freeza, unimpressed, fires a Death Beam at Toppo but it just disappears once it hits him.

Beerus recognizes it right away as the God's Power of Destruction and Belmod says that it is indeed the power of destruction and Toppo is a candidate to become one of the gods. Marcaritta says that it's now time to show the results of their training as Belmond celebrates the birth of the God of Destruction Toppo.

Freeza laughs, but Toppo fires a Hakai at Freeza. Freeza tries to catch ti, given his ability to do so in the past, but he's quickly caught in its sphere and is seemingly destroyed. This blast nearly destroys the Tournament of Power stage, and splits the entire thing in half. The two Zenos love this showing of power.

Toppo says he's beyond concepts of Justice and Evil and only fights to survive. Android 17 retorts this, but Toppo shows no signs of changing his attitude. He fires non-Hakai ki blasts and 1 tries to fight back but his own blasts are being destroyed by Toppo's aura. Beerus explains that it's the godly Hakai, which can change according to the situation. Toppo is using it to guard his body, but 17 is sure there's a weakness.

Toppo fires his blast at 17, but 17 is able to dodge. The resulting Hakai orb flies toward the stands, but Beerus notices something after it doesn't hit them. Toppo needs time to charge his Hakai, and 17 needs to focus on the small window where Toppo doesn't surround his body with the Hakai and chooses to unleash it instead.

Toppo corners 17 and is about to fire a direct blast, but Freeza arrives angered and dispels it with a rock. Angered, Freeza charges enough power to destroy a planet and launches it at Toppo. Toppo, however, destroys the blast with only a fraction of his energy and punches Freeza, grabs his head, squeezes it, and kicks him out of the tournament stage. But Freeza manages to keep from falling off completely.

After this display, Andorid 17 refuses to back down and challenges the new God of Destruction Toppo. There are five miinutes left in the Tournament of Power.

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