Dragon Ball Super Fan Wows After Animating Moro Arc's

Dragon Ball Super fans are not shy about their desire for the anime to stage a comeback, and the Moro arc has only amplified that wish. The manga has been thriving thanks to its release of the Galactic Patrol Prisoner saga which introduced Moro to the world. The villain has given fans all the best Dragon Ball Z vibes, and one fan is wowing social media with their take on the story's anime run.

Recently, a user known as Edrees K his up Youtube with their take on Dragon Ball Super's latest arc. The short film comes in at under two minutes, but it adapts the action-packed fights laid out in the manga's previous two chapters.

As you can see above, the fan-film is pretty remarkable. Dragon Ball Super is a monthly title, so the fan has had time to work on the fight's earlier chapters but the same cannot be said for chapter 58. The most recent release came out a matter of days ago but Edrees manages to animate some of it for fans.

dragon ball super moro arc
(Photo: Edrees)

The video begins with Gohan and Piccolo as the pair fight side by side. The heroes are pitted against some of Moro's lackeys who they are able to take out before too long. It is only when Moro shows up that the Z-Fighters are outmatched, but Goku comes in to distract the villain. The smooth animation in this short does justice to the fight, and it has fans like myself wanting even more. But with no word on an anime revival in sight, fans are left relying on fans like Edrees to satisfy their anime cravings.


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