Dragon Ball Super Re-Run Squashes Hope for the Anime's Return

While Dragon Ball Super has moved forward in print with new arcs, the same cannot be said for the anime. After the series put out its first movie, Broly and the gang packed up to chill outside of the camera's lens. Despite pleas from fans, Dragon Ball Super has made no move to return to television with no content, and a new schedule update has convinced fans such hope is - well - hopeless for now.

The situation was laid out on Twitter by Chronicles on Twitter. It was there the fan did the math after the team behind Dragon Ball Super made an announcement. It turns out the anime will start to show re-runs over in Japan starting February 14. But if the schedule runs through the entire anime, any new series would be delayed a few years.

As the math goes, Dragon Ball Super has enough episodes to put its re-run through August 2023. That works out so long as an episode is shown every Sunday on Fuji TV. If this math works out, a Dragon Ball anime comeback is more than two years away, and that is assuming it would come out immediately upon the re-run's close.

As you can imagine, this update is difficult for fans to hear, but Dragon Ball Super never promised fans a comeback period let alone a timely one. Toei Animation has a lot on its plate between One Piece and Digimon. If Dragon Ball makes a comeback, that will bring lots of attention to the studio's catalog, but Toei has other properties to juggle these days. So when Goku is ready to make his grand return, well - fans will certainly be ready.

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