Dragon Ball Anime Rights Reportedly in Limbo Amid Shueisha Shake Up

A top executive behind Dragon Ball is pitching a change to the anime's rights after exiting Shueisha.

Dragon Ball isn't one for drama, but every franchise has its ups and downs. Since its creation, the series has been a hot seller, and its legendary status has made the IP all the more profitable. From the Dragon Ball anime to its manga and various games, the brand dips into just about everything. But if a new report is true, the anime's rights may be in limbo following a shake-up at Shueisha.

So, let's break down the whole situation. The news comes straight from Japan courtesy of Bunshun Online, and Dragon Ball fans such as Herms98 were quick to break down the report. It turns out Akio Iyoku, a major figure behind the Dragon Ball anime, has stepped down from their role in the Dragon Room at Shueisha.

For those who don't know, the Dragon Room was crafted a few years back, and it functions as a think tank for Dragon Ball. Iyoku was the head of the group, but he has now left Shueisha to form his own company called Capsule Corporation Tokyo. As the reports detail, Iyoku wants Shueisha to carry on with its manga rights for Dragon Ball, but he argues Capsule Corporation Tokyo should take on other media like the anime, games, and more.

As you can imagine, Shueisha isn't all that eager to get rid of Dragon Ball's extra rights. The company makes bank off of Goku's popularity, after all. Bunshun Online says Shueisha is reluctant to part with any Dragon Ball rights, and there are negotiations ongoing between the companies. At this time, the only thing Shueisha will confirm is Iyoku's leave from the company, so we know that much.

If you are wondering what Akira Toriyama thinks about the debacle, the creator of Dragon Ball is gagged on the topic. He admitted he could only comment on the situation through Shueisha, so the creator can keep their feelings on the matter private. However, Toriyama did say Iyoku's new business venture had nothing to do with him, and Iyoku named the company on his own. Given the company's name comes from Dragon Ball, it seems Iyoku is keen on handling Dragon Ball affairs, but Shueisha would be hard-pressed to ditch Goku without a fight.

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