Dragon Ball Super Artist Just Revisited a Surprising Throwback

While the Dragon Ball franchise has always ran its manga series parallel to the anime, the anime [...]

While the Dragon Ball franchise has always ran its manga series parallel to the anime, the anime series was known for introducing elements and characters that otherwise never made an appearance in print, with the current artist for Dragon Ball Super, Toyotaro, bringing back the heavenly warrior Pikkon. Appearing in the Dragon Ball Z series following the Cell Games and the defeat of the biological nightmare created by Dr. Gero, not much is known about Pikkon's origin but the brawler was able to fight Goku to a standstill in the afterlife when they first faced off.

Pikkon hasn't appeared since the conclusion of Dragon Ball Z, playing a significant role during the twelfth film of the franchise, Fusion Reborn, which saw the green-skinned warrior teaming up with Goku and Vegeta to battle against the demon Janemba. Pikkon also would make a brief appearance during the Majin Buu saga, when Kid Buu traveled to the afterlife and wreaked havoc after eliminating most of the world's population, proving that even if you were dead, you still had to be afraid of the pink powerhouse. As mentioned earlier, Pikkon has yet to make an appearance in Dragon Ball Super, but we definitely wouldn't be surprised to see him come back at some point in time.

Twitter User DB Hype shared the artwork by Dragon Ball Super artist Toyotaro, bringing back not only Pikkon but a number of other warriors from the great beyond who proved that even if you are dead in Akira Toriyama's universe, that isn't going to stop you from getting your daily reps in:

Pikkon's origins remain a mystery, including how he had died, though his power level certainly spoke for itself when he was first introduced. Dragon Ball's afterlife has played a major role in the series throughout, with characters being brought back from the dead thanks to the Dragon Balls while also gaining some serious power-ups by training in the great beyond. While Super has focused more on alternate realities and the power of the gods rather than the land of the dead, we'll see if the Z Fighters venture back into the afterlife for future arcs.

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