'Dragon Ball Super' Fans Are Still Crying Over Beerus' Last Words to [SPOILER]

Dragon Ball Super has seen a major shift in the "Universal Survival" arc as the Tournament of Power is down to its final competitors, and fans are still emotional over the saddest goodbye in the series yet.

Unfortunately, both Universe 2 and Universe 6 had all of their competitors eliminated from the Tournament and were subsequently erased from existence. And with Universe 6 gone, Beerus had to bid goodbye to his twin brother Champa.

Champa, being the last member of Universe 6 after the erasure, paused and looked at Beerus. But rather than saying anything, he stuck his tongue out spitefully before disappearing forever. Beerus, still pensively looking forward, said the words "Say something."

Some fans took this as a fourth wall break as Beerus seemingly speaks to the narrator of the series - as in, to start the preview - but the majority of fans agreed it was a tearful goodbye. Fans took it at Beerus reacting sadly over the fact that Champa could not muster up some final words of goodbye for his brother.

Before their goodbye, the fighters of Universe 6 all had their sad moments. Caulifla had threatened to beat up Pirina and Saonel should they lose, but backed off as a show of respect. Quickly after, however, she decides to beat them up anyway. Cabba bids farewell to his master Vegeta, and Champa berated Vados over how quickly she turned over to Universe 7's side.

As Gohan and Piccolo fought against the suddenly powerful Pirina and Saonel, Whis even mentioned to Beerus how conflicted he must have felt from the fight. Gohan and Piccolo's victory surely meant the complete of erasure of Champa's universe, but Beerus decided to shrug it off in the moment and cheered on the duo anyway.

But fans definitely noticed a different side of Beerus when Champa was finally erased. Beerus had hinted at his closeness with his brother in the past, especially after wishing for a duplicate Earth for him at the end of the "Universe 6" arc, but this was Beerus at a whole new level of introspective.


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