'Dragon Ball Super' Just Had Its Most Shocking Elimination Yet

Warning! Spoilers for Episode 118 of Dragon Ball Super below!

The last episode of Dragon Ball Super teased a major shift in competition, and it certainly delivered with not only one, but two majorly shocking eliminations.

With both Universe 2 and Universe 6 at the edge of being outright eliminated from the Tournament of Power, the final fighters of both universes desperately fought to stay. Unfortunately, both Universe 2 and Universe 6 had all of their competitors eliminated from the Tournament and were subsequently erased from existence.

With Kefla defeated by Goku, and the last two of the Kamikaze Girls defeated by Android 17 and 18, the remaining fighters of the two respective universes got a lot more desperate.

Universe 6's Pirina and Saonel suddenly became much stronger when it was revealed that the two of them were actually the result of the fusion between many Namekians. They were waiting until later in the tournament to settle their power, and with that power increase suddenly meant Gohan and Piccolo were in much more trouble.

Universe 2's remaining three fighters, headed by Zirloin also felt that desperation and revealed a higher level of power as well. Drawing on the power of love from Universe 2, who had revealed that they had been broadcasting the Tournament of Power out to every person in their universe, Zirloin and co. transformed into a hilarious version of the Kamikaze Girls. Donning the outfits of love, the three of them posed a challenge to Android 17, 18, and Goku.

But after some hilarious efforts from Universe 2 leading to a black hole in the shape of a giant heart, Goku managed enough stamina to reach Super Saiyan Blue and deliver and impressive Kamehameha Wave.

At the same time, Gohan and Piccolo managed to get the better of the two Universe 6's Saiyans. After Piccolo hit one with a fully charged Special Beam Cannon, Gohan followed it up with his own fully powered Kamehameha Wave.

Goku and Gohan's Kamehameha Wave's overwhelmed the five fighters and eliminated them all from the tournament. With the Grand Priest confirming every fighter from Universe 2 and Universe 6 had been defeated, Zen-Oh gleefully erased both universes as a wave of emotion hit the remaining fighters.

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