Gohan Just Had His Best 'Dragon Ball Super' Episode Yet

Warning! Spoilers for Episode 118 of Dragon Ball Super below!

Dragon Ball fans have been waiting the entirety of Super for Gohan to return to the level of fighting prowess he had in Dragon Ball Z, and the latest episode proved a true return to form.

Gohan may have demonstrated a bit of his power earlier in the "Universal Survival" arc against Universe 9, but he has finally come back to clean house in the final stages of the Tournament of Power against the Namekians of Universe 6.

Both Universe 2 and Universe 6 were at the edge of being outright eliminated from the Tournament of Power, so the final fighters of both universes desperately fought to stay. Gohan and Piccolo were left to deal with a suddenly much stronger Saonel and Pirina from Universe 6, but Gohan took the lead and was the most impressive he had been in the series so far.

Piccolo had been suffering mentally against the Namekians after finding out they were the result of a mass Namekian fusion, so Gohan instead took the lead in the battle and vowed to give Piccolo enough time to charge his Special Beam Cannon for a powerful counterattack.

True to his word, Gohan impressively fought back the two Namekians despite their power. Keeping both of them at bay while Piccolo was charging, Gohan pulled off some stunning feats of strength. When Piccolo unleashes his Special Beam Cannon early and fires it at Pirina, it ended up being ineffective and left Piccolo open for a counterattack.

Flashing back to a crucial moment of the "Saiyan" arc of Dragon Ball Z, Pirina launches a huge ki blast out of his mouth as a weakened Piccolo finds himself taken aback. As the blast of energy hits, it's revealed that Gohan actually blocked the attack. Apologizing, he vows to never fail to give Piccolo enough time again.

The newly reinvigorated Piccolo then recognized Gohan's power as a warrior, and the two managed to defeat the two Namekians with a final push of Gohan's powerful Kamehameha Wave.

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