Dragon Ball Super Puts Goku's Life on the Line After a Lethal Blow

Dragon Ball Super has been praised over the past several months thanks to its manga. While the anime is away, the series has moved on with a new arc in print, and the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc has exceeded expectations in so many ways. That is why fans were so eager to check out chapter 62 when it dropped this week, but the intense chapter left fans stunned when Goku took one of the gnarliest hits of his life.

So you have been warned! If you have not read chapter 62 of Dragon Ball Super, there are major spoilers below:

You don't have to get too far into the new chapter to see the moment fans are all talking about. The fight goes down about halfway through the new chapter after Moro takes down Vegeta a peg. The Saiyan is knocked out by one of his most famous techniques, so it falls to Goku to step up to the plate.

dragon ball super manga
(Photo: Shueisha)

However, Moro is more powerful than ever, and this chapter makes that painfully obvious. Not only does the magical baddie absolutely wreck the Z-Fighters on the field, but he leaves a massive hole in Goku's chest. The halfway point of the chapter follows Moro after his arm has been blasted off. For a brief moment, Goku thinks he has gotten an upper hand, but that notion falls to the wayside when Moro grows the limb back. And to make it worse, Moro regenerates his arm through Goku's chest.

The massive hole is big enough to have destroyed some organs, and no hero should be able to survive the sneak attack. Even Gohan is convinced his dad is a goner, but Goku is still alive by the end of chapter 62. If someone can get a senzu bean to the hero, Goku might live after some intense recovery, but this blow marks one of the worst ever taken by the Saiyan. And at this point, it seems the only thing capable of stopping Moro is divine intervention.


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