Dragon Ball Super Shares Sneak Peek at Chapter 64

Dragon Ball Super's next chapter will be releasing in just a matter of days from now, and now the series has shared a sneak peek at Chapter 64 of the manga. When we last had seen Goku and the other Z-Fighters, they were being healed by Dende while Merus took on Moro by himself. Breaking several Angel Laws in the process, Merus had faded away and it seemingly gave Goku the drive once more to reach his Mastered Ultra Instinct state heading into the next phase of the fight against Planet Eater Moro.

The official website for Dragon Ball Super's manga has shared the first couple of pages from the rough draft of Chapter 64 of the series. Confirming that this new chapter will be titled, "Son Goku of the Galactic Patrol," these first few pages see a much different reaction from Goku than anyone familiar with Dragon Ball Z's usual formula would suspect.

When Goku figured out that Merus had been erased, it seemed like he was going to be fueled by anger once more. But confirming how different this Ultra Instinct is from Goku's usual Super Saiyan auras, Goku does not seem to be letting his rage inform his actions any more. Check it out:

These pages see Goku enraged for a second before calming down to speak with Jaco. Goku even smiles for a second before he gets ready for the match against Moro, and channels his Ultra Instinct energy once more. It's not clear by these draft pages as to whether or not this is his Mastered version of the form, but thankfully it will not be much longer before we see for ourselves officially as the fight between Goku and Moro goes to the next level. But what do you think? How can this all come to an end?

What do you think of this sneak peek into the next chapter of Dragon Ball Super? What are you hoping to see in Chapter 64 of the series? Where do you think the fight between Goku and Moro will go next? Will Goku win the fight this time around? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!